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Here's the replay of the AMAZING webinar with Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback:

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We're holding an OMGLive-Like Event in Las Vegas 2017 this year, as part of our #RideTheWave package:

4 Reasons To #RideTheWave and Double Down this year... we once again focus on doubling your income and taking it #NextLevel.

(Also, two webinar replays below.)

Dates: July 23rd through 25th!

David Mills here, giving you the rundown on our #RideTheWave event and package. (Dates will be July 24th and 25th, with a possible addition of a part day on the 23rd. )

There are 2 major players in the online world (Google and Amazon) that are driven by natural search. If you are playing to win, if you are focused on mastery, then it is high time to make sure that you are riding BOTH of them to victory. I've put my money where my mouth is by putting a lot of time, effort, and money to make sure we give you BOTH inside of OMG. I didn't need to do that, but I play to win (I play for the win/win/win for all, to be specific) and when it comes to online money-getting, ignoring either Google or Amazon is equivalent to tying one arm behind your back.

But don't people make money just focusing on one thing? Sure, but is that how you play a game? Cut off major obvious options and advantages, then play? In a few years, when you are selling an Amazon brand you created for $2 million (Liz has brands worth far more), remember this moment. Imagine doing that, and then ask how that will affect your confidence as you deal with Google clients?

Amazon and Google money-getting involve the same set of skills and way of thinking, and opportunities overlap constantly. (People already doing well on Amazon but ignoring Google consulting, ask yourself a similar question. You have everything you need for massive confidence with clients with Google consulting, as you bridge over and pay attention to both major players.)

Ignoring one of two elephants in the room isn't "focusing." It is bad strategy. If you have already won, no longer need any breakthroughs to make all the money you need, and don't need any advantages, then of course you don't need anything else. Otherwise, I have incredible news for you.

(This #RideTheWave event and package is for nearly everybody reading this, with one exception: if you are relatively new to the NHB 2017 mastermind project inside of OMG, and are very tight on money and time, then this may not be for you. It is still worth considering, but don't feel pressured. Anybody else, that pressure you feel is because this the rocket shot you need for taking it to the next level.)

Here are the elements that have come together for a Perfect Storm:

1) Amazing Selling Machine, the other premier Amazon mastermind program out there, is opening again, all new and upgraded, after a year and a half break. OMG has had a major ripple effect on our overall industry, and for ASM this time, you are going to be learning and masterminding directly with people currently crushing it with Amazon. It is going to be an excellent experience and will complement OMG very nicely. Mastery isn't about doing or learning the minimum. If you aren't in OMG, ASM is a solid lower-cost option for Amazon only. If you are, then having more angles to crush it with Amazon and create a brand you can sell is perfect. As I've stated, this letter is for people looking to win. (Win/Win/Win - not talking about beating others.)

2) Liz has held a $10,000 mastermind the past two years running, with incredible feedback and member results. This year, she's holding her mastermind in Las Vegas exclusively as part of this #RideTheWave package, which includes participating in ASM through OMG, link below.

3) We're doing an OMGLive-Like event at the same place and combining it with Liz' mastermind. It will be most like the 2015 OMG Live, which featured Google SEO genuis Derek Iwasiuk as the key trainer, revealing secrets in this non-dislosure, non-recorded environment that you wouldn't be able to find (and learn and trust) in a different setting. Plus, mega-successful OMG'er Jim Whelan with comprehensive training about phone sales and cold calling. The 2015 OMG Live event including Derek was $4000 and people were over the moon with appreciation and incomes got doubled right and left.

4) We have two massive bonuses that will be revealed soon, one involving some personal attention to your Amazon listing from Liz, a major major thing for her to provide, and another involving some highly coveted, never-before-released recordings.

We call it the #RideTheWave package!

Liz' mastermind, this OMGLive-Like event, including lengthy major training from Derek, as well as other speakers to be revealed soon, Amazing Selling Machine, and two other bonuses to be revealed soon form one package, available by purchasing ASM 7 via the link below.

Also, see the two webinar replays below, if you missed them live. In the top one, Mike Long flew out to Austin, TX to meet with Matt Clark, one of the two co-founders of ASM, and then held a webinar live on location after their meeting.

Matt is awesome and walks you through what they have created for you.

Under that, Mike and Liz explain how they have harnessed the power of masterminding in a huge way to become multi-millionaires, and guests talk about their Amazon success reports, and Liz explains about her mastermind in Las Vegas.

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Mike Long and Matt Clark of ASM live on location!

Liz Herrera and Mike Long Mastermind and Amazon Domination Webinar:

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