We held an OMGLive-Like Event July 23-25, Las Vegas 2017 this year, as part of our #RideTheWave package, and the audience shouted from the rooftops about how incredible it was:

Here's Mike Long's research along with our bonus for ASM 8:

3 Reasons To #RideTheWave and Double Down this year...

...as we once again focus on doubling your income and taking it #NextLevel.

David Mills here, giving you the rundown on our #RideTheWave event and package.

Here are the elements that have come together for a Perfect Storm:

1) Liz has held a $10,000 mastermind the past two years running, with incredible feedback and member results. This year, she's holding her mastermind in Las Vegas exclusively as part of this #RideTheWave package, which includes participating in ASM through OMG, link below.

2)We're doing We did an OMGLive-Like event at the same place and combining it with Liz' mastermind.

It was be most like the 2015 OMG Live, which featured Google SEO genuis Derek Iwasiuk as the key trainer, revealing secrets in this non-dislosure, non-recorded environment that you wouldn't be able to find (and learn and trust) in a different setting. Plus, mega-successful OMG'er Jim Whelan with comprehensive training about phone sales and cold calling. The 2015 OMG Live event including Derek was $4000 and people were over the moon with appreciation and incomes got doubled right and left.

Update: And then Perry Belcher, co-founder of the $60,000,000/year Digital Marketer empire, came in and burned the house down with an incredible multiple hours long speech on his private brand of conversion. Perry brought Roland Frazier on scaling and Native Commerce CEO Karen Keng to teach outsourcing.

3) We have two massive bonuses that were just revealed, one involving personal attention to your Amazon listing from Liz, a major major thing for her to provide, and the other is we relased the Jordan Belfort recordings and all of OMG LIVE 2016 as a bonus...

This led to 4) a final, incredible new bonus that I am proud to now announce! I'm furnishing #RideTheWave attendees with the full tapes from my (Mike Long's) March Mastermind, never revealed before, including $100,000,000 writer Chris Haddad on Mystique, Greg Morrison's custom Treasure Maps and Joe's live HOT SEATS.

Reason why this is SUCH a big add on, in addition to the obvious, that the people who attended Mike's Mastermind EXPLODED in success...

...But the nifty reasy why that Mike spotted was because he wants to prepare you to take full advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with the small group "break-out" sessions that turned into such a Hack at Mike's Mastermind, for you, at the #RideTheWave event, July 23-25 in Vegas!

We call this whole event and members area and replay footage the #RideTheWave package!

Liz' mastermind, this OMGLive-Like event, including lengthy major training from Derek, as well as other speakers to be revealed soon, Amazing Selling Machine, and two other bonuses to be revealed soon form one package, available by purchasing ASM 7 via the link below.

Mike and Liz explain how they have harnessed the power of masterminding in a huge way to become multi-millionaires, and guests talk about their Amazon success reports, and Liz explains about her mastermind in Las Vegas.

Click through here to join ASM through the OMG Link to get the #RideTheWave bonus recordings.

Liz Herrera and Mike Long Mastermind and Amazon Domination Webinar:

Click through here to join ASM through the OMG Link to get the #RideTheWave bonus recordings.