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From the desk of: Mike Long

Just a few years ago, Greg Morrison, had a very different job. He was working a 4AM - Noon shift every morning at a casino.

Here's the scoop:

He was in a tough spot, as he found out that he soon had a baby on the way. Greg took notice that he had to change things and FAST.

So Greg rolled up his sleeves and got to work.

While his friends were out drinking, he stayed in. They would call him and tell him to come out. To drop the hair brained idea of making a real difference in his life.

He decided that focused work for a short time was much better than a life of struggle. Well, things worked out for him.

Before I show you his earnings through, I want you to know that while Greg did start making money...

...And a lot of it...

...What he was also doing was paying it forward - helping others as well. Because Greg answered over 2000 questions on a private forum that David and I had.

Lets have a look at his Paypal account from June 2011:

earning cash online
Here's the "After" picture:
huge online earnings

continuing online profits

Here's a look at how my own earnings grew:
Mike Long's online earnings

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Mike Long

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